• Favela’s smile

    Favela’s smile

    Press here for the Italian version on blogdiviaggi Welcome to Rocinha, America's biggest favela Favela is the name of Brazilian slums. In Rio favelas crawl on the hillsides, few meters away of the houses of the riches and the fancy beaches. Marco has a beat [...]

  • Maceiò: the Brazilian caribe

    Maceiò: the Brazilian caribe

    clicca qui per la versione italiana su blogdiviaggi.com Maceiò is one of those places that look better on Google Images Hezio confessed during an intercontinental chat. What place doesn't? I replied shrugging my shoulders and punching the buy flight button. On screen Maceiò is a [...]

  • Road to Brazil

    Road to Brazil

    Clicca qui per la versione italiana per nonsoloturisti.it This is the year of Brazil. I have been hearing that since I left home. But this time it is for real. Brazil is gonna host the biggest sports events in the world. The football world cup [...]

L’amore per la mimetica

Press for English version Amo la mimetica. La uso anche a dormire. Costa poco e si trova facilmente [...]

For the love of camouflage

Clicca qui per la versione italiana I like camo as much as the next person. I [...]

Guatemala, paradiso senza fili

Viaggiando si conoscono posti per caso. 'Devi provare quel bed & breakfast. Se non avessi [...]

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