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This is the year of Brazil.
I have been hearing that since I left home.
But this time it is for real.
Brazil is gonna host the biggest sports events in the world.
The football world cup all over the country this june and the summer olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.
If you have already stepped here you will not need further reasons.
Otherwise you are bound to explore an incredible country, fifth biggest of the world.
A true melting pot of super friendly persons.
Where the europan immigrants coexhist with the african descendents and the Indians of the Amazon.
Brazil sports beauty of any kind over an exterminate land.
And travelling here calls for serious planning due to distances.
Forget Ryanair and the other low-cost carriers. Internal flights come no cheap.
The draw of the groups has been better to me than our national squad.
Italy will play England in Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon.
Then it will match up with Costa Rica and Uruguay in the cities of Recife and Natal.
Conveniently located on the most eastern spur of the continent and divided by a five hours bus ride.
Both cities will be favourable to Italian supporters.
Prices are much lower than Rio, Sao Paulo and the other cities in the south.
In the north-east of Brazil you can live cheap if you wannabe local.
If you don’t mind restaurants with plastic furniture and drinking coconut water out of the nut.
But most importanly the weather will be much hotter in this region closer to Equator line. While the rest of the country will experience winter.
Due to consecutive lucky breaks I am living in Maceiò, the capital of the state of Alagoas. Five hours south of Recife and I’d love to catch a game of the Azzurri.
But this is another story that I will have time to tell before June comes.
This is your moment.
This road to Brazil targets to those who dream with watching a world cup game, face painting the national flag and singing the hymn out of the lungs.
And to all the others who would want to visit this corner of Brazil during this lifetime.
Return flights from Milan are affordable around one thousand euros for both Recife and Rio.
The northeast of Brazil is described as the highest concentration of poor people of the whole continent. Thirtysix million people through nine states.
Over two thousand kilometers of blue waters and palm trees on white sand.
Reefs and natural pools for divers and plenty of waves and wind for surfers and kitesurfers.
For those of you who don’t sweat sports I’ll serve as tour guide to a country well worth visiting. One day you can be in Rio and the other a beach hut made of palmtrees will make for the best afternoon. But Brazil also reports great gap between social classes even if the economy is growing steadily pushed by large natural resources.
The country struggles with corruption at all levels and criminality on the streets. While the public health just cannot look after the whole population. The huge bills for building the stadiums and the infrastructures have not been taken lightly throughout the country with violent protests and riots. The sparkle being the raise in the price of public transportation in Rio.
I will help you planning your trip while acknowledging the other side of the story.
Then I’ll bring you to paradises still unknown to mass tourism.
To watch a football game and build an incredible experience around it.
Game tickets are already on sale but due to large requests you have to apply for a draw.
You gotta get at it now.
Timing is perfect and you can apply on Fifa’s website ( until the seventh of february.
Credit card and patience to fill all sheets are required.
There will be other chances to buy the tickets so no reasons to freak. I just processed my request for Italy-Costa Rica, 20th of june.
It should be a win.
I know there’s no easy matchup but I’d be happy with a goal in injury time.
The world cup is passing here and you really should too. Sooner or later.
Find purses and wallets you dropped on your desk.
Grab credit card.
Brazil is waiting for you.